As Kenneth was growing up he spent quite a bit of his time at our studio. He was always interested in what we were creating and how we were creating our designs. Early on, he taught himself how to do wire wrapping with various metals. He designed and handmade many necklaces and earrings. Later on, he discovered a passion for CAD/CAM design. His interest in computers and computer programming gave him a whole new world to explore. His eye for design together with his computer skills introduced recipes for unique creations, as that combination of skills is truly rare. Today, Kenneth is running our tech department. He is helping by designing/milling wax models and creating solutions for improved inventory management. His new endeavor is creating innovative designs with laser engraving, where he is making what we call "inlay" jewelry. The machine is not just for engraving names and dates anymore! His first collection became heart necklaces and pendants inspired by Valentine's Day and Heart Month. Kenneth works part-time at the studio, located in Scottsdale, AZ., while pursuing an engineering degree at ASU. 

Pictured: Kenneth swapping a tool on the wax milling machine.