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Custom Bands

Custom bands are designed from scratch, whereas we  choose a gem stone and a metal (silver or gold) and create a design.

Custom bands can also be re-styled from existing jewelry. We create a new design to incorporate the existing gemstones and metal.

Both avenues include sketches, renders, a fun and educational time during the whole process!

Whether you are in Scottsdale or we work via the internet, we can go down either avenue.

Bands and Stackable Bands

Our stackable bands and bands are our designs and creations made by our family in our studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. We enjoy travelling to find gems and rocks in order to be different. We love to make one-of-a-kind pieces. We also have a collection of our popular designs for purchase.  All of our bands can inspiration for a custom design or to re-style an existing piece of jewelry into a band or bands.